Lipodrene: What is it?

Does Lipodrene Actually Work?

lipodreneLipodrene is a weight loss pill claiming to be the #1 weight loss product in the US. It is also made with ephedra extract – a stimulant derived from a Chinees evergreen plant. It is used to provide energy as well as weight loss benefits. The company claims that in a double blind placebo study, Lipodrene was proven to be effective. They mention that the supplement provides safe and effective stimulant effects. People have said it helps transform the body into a lean and more attractive physique, but beware Lipodrene contains BMPEA, a compound that similar of amphetamines and can cause bad side effects! That is why you should seek out an alternative such as Nutrisystem, a product we have been using for the past few months and have seen tremendous results.

Side Effects of Lipodrene

Lipodrene contains many different ingredients, some of which are concerning like Ephedra Extract, and Phenylethylamine – a chemical compound stated to have similar effects as amphetamines. Because of the lack of information about the safety and effectiveness of Lipodrene you should stay away from it and seek an alternative such as Nutrisystem. WebMD stated “Phenylethylamine (the main ingredient in lipodrene) is POSSIBLY UNSAFE for most people when taken by mouth appropriately …” When taking phenylethylamine you can experience any of the follow symptoms:

• Asthma, tightening in the chest, and breathing problems.
• Increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and dizziness.
• Nausea, loss of appetite, sore upset stomach, and vomiting.
• Nervousness, tremors, and suicidal thoughts.
• Mania, addiction, and depression.

Alternatives? Nutrisystem Of Course!

The FDA has banned the use of this product in weight loss pills and commented “We have received 86 reports of illnesses and death” as well as “illnesses reported include heart problems and nervous system or psychiatric disorders’. When looking for diet pills this is a product to STAY away from! There are many effective ways to loose your unwanted weight, the best out on the market that we can recommend ourself is Nutrisystem. It is safe, and provided amazing weigh loss benefits like we’ve never seen before. Check out the review of Nutrisystem below on youtube. This is our #1 recommended weight loss system and if you are truly looking for real weight loss results you will be happy to know you’ve finally found Nutrisystem!

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